Why Do People Buy Online and How to Profit from It?

why do people buy online

So you want to sell and get customer online. But did you ever asked yourself why do people buy online?

Chances are you have also bought something online. With Amazon.com and other big retailers building online stores, more and more people are going into the internet to buy something.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Shop Online

1) Convenience (Save Time, Easy Purchase and Less Effort)

Convenient and Easy

Your customers love convenience. They don’t need to go to their car and drive to the mall. They don’t need to take a long walk. They don’t need to wait through a long cashier line. With just few clicks, purchase is completed.

Nothing is more convenient that buying online.

2) Wide Amount of Product Selection

Wide range of product selection

Your customers want to compare different products and select what’s best fit their needs and budget. Amazon.com offers wide range of products. Yes, they got product from A to Z. Amazon is just one of the many e-commerce out there. We have E-bay, Shopify and many others.

3) Product Research and Reviews

product reviews

Your customers want to make sure that they don’t spend on a product that sucks.

They want to check product reviews, customer feedback and spend some time doing research. They want to read comprehensive product reviews.

They want to see actual picture of the product. They want to know complaints and negative reviews about the product.  They want to know if the product is worth buying or not.

Once they are finish with their research, they can buy it online.

4) Price and Service Comparison

price comparison

Your customers love to shop online and find the best deals.

For example, they can buy cheap plane tickets online and travel for peanuts. All they need to do is visit a travel comparison sites that pulls in and compare different plane tickets. Just few clicks and boom. They have their plane ticket with the best price.

You need someone to write for you or design graphics for you? All you need to do is post a job / work at Upwork or Freelancer.com. You’ll get proposals in a matter of few minutes. You can go through the bidders and select the winning bidder based on price and quality

5) Trust and Relationship With the Vendor

Why do people shop online? Because we are creature of habits.

We want consistency in everything we do including from vendors we buy.

If you check your online purchases, most of them happened with either brands you are familiar with or with people you trust.

Amazon.com is a big online company – a household name. No one in the world did not hear about Amazon. No wonder, millions of people buy from Amazon yearly.

How to More Sales from Your Online Customers

Now that you know why do people buy online, it’s time for you to use it to your advantage to get more sales.

1) Make it Convenient for People to Buy With You (or Through You)

Convenient and Easy

Do anything in the name of convenience. 🙂

You can make your website faster, make your web navigation easier to follow, add search box or make your article font easier to read.

You can remove the web clutter, improve the look and feel or remove the pop-ups (although I will not do this).

Are you selling books? Then offer downloadable pdf.

Can you offer 24/7 live chat for customer questions? Then do so.That’s what Getresponse autoresponder did to make them win the Stevie customer award for 2015.

Get feedback from your web visitors. And remember to act on it.

2) Offer Wide Product Selection

Offer different price ranges. Maybe you can offer an ebook that cost $17. Then a more robust package at $197. Then offer a one to one coaching or a home course study for $497.00.

If you are an affiliate marketer, don’t just do a product review. Do a product comparison review where you compare two or three different products head to head.

3) You Need to Do Product Reviews

product reviews

Not all product reviews create sales.

There is a proper way of doing it.

First things first. You need to get hold of the product you are reviewing. There is no way you can create a believable review without having the product.

Join the membership site you are reviewing. If you’re lucky they might offer free membership. Then join as free member.

Buy the software you are reviewing, If you there is a free trial offer, avail it.

You might be able to create a good review without getting an inside view of the product. But in the end, your customers are smart enough to know.

And yes, be honest. Write down the negative reviews as well. After all, there is no perfect product no matter how good it is.

4) Price and Service Comparison

If you can create a price comparison site, go for it. It is a profitable model.

If you can get exclusive discount from the vendor, so much better.

How do you get discount?

Ask the vendor.

And here is the secret…

When you become his top-selling affiliate, you can get exclusive discounts that your customers will surely enjoy.

No way to offer a discount in the price? Then offer bonus!

offer bonus

5) Trust and Relationship With the Vendor

build the trust and relationship

You might not have the budget of Amazon to create a big buzz and become a household name. But surely, you can build relationship with your readers.

The beginning of sales is service. Sales starts with trust. Sales starts with a good relationship with your customers.

How do you build your relationship with your readers online?

Capture their email and send useful contents. Write articles that adds value. Get to know them. Let them know you as well.

Write a good about page. And take time to answer their questions and comments.

That’s all for now. You now know why do people buy online. And you have a list of action items to do.

If you have any questions, clarifications, suggestions or comments, please add them on the comment section. I’ll do my best to help you.

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Patrick Larkins says March 5, 2016

I agree with you. I buy online all the time because it saves time and a lot of time you get better deals. I do most of my shopping with trusted sites. Great article and keep up the good work.

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    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for the kind words!

Edward says March 2, 2016

Hey Jeff,

You’re right on the money. I buy online because it is fast and easy. Nice article! Two thumbs up!

    Jeff says March 2, 2016

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    Thanks for your kind words as well.

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