What is Resell Rights Weekly and Why You Should Care?

Resell Rights Weekly Review

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Overall Score: 92 / 100
Website: www.resell-rights-weekly.com
Owner: Mark Austin
Price: Free Membership ($0) and Gold Membership ($19.95 / month)
Who is it for? For all website owner and online marketers who need Private Label Rights website contents, e-books, video tutorials

What is Resell Rights Weekly?

Resell Rights Weekly is a free membership site that gives you downloadable products each and every week. These products could be an ebook, software, article, DVD or video. These products either come with resell rights (you can sell it but you can’t  modify it) or private label rights (you can do anything with it… modify, change title, change author, change image and put your name as the author).

Who is Resell Rights Weekly For?

Resell Rights Weekly is for affiliate marketers, web owners and online marketing vendors.

You can use these PLR materials as training reference, website contents, products to sell, lead magnet (something that you give away in exchange for email of your readers) or even as a bonus to product you are selling.

While those that comes with resell rights, you can sell them as is and keep 100% of the profit (as if you are the owner).

Resell Rights Weekly – The Good and the Bad


1) Instant Product of Your Own – One of the immediate benefit of getting your hands on PLR products is you can have something to sell online immediately. It helps you save time and effort. You know how long it is to create a 50-page e-book? It can take as long as few days to few weeks. But with RRW, you’ll have an e-book ready to give away or sell.

2) Has FREE MembershipResell Rights Weekly allows you to create a free membership account. With your free membership account, you’ll have instant free access to 728+ digital products. You’ll also get two brand new additional products each week ready for download.

3) Variety of Digital Products – Unlike other PLR membership sites, Resell Rights Weekly allows you to download different forms of PLR products. Inside the membership, you get access to new software, new e-books, new info products, new program scripts, new audios, new videos, new templates, new graphics, new plr articles, and new niche products. Each product will have either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights. The best part they are constantly updated (not old junk files).

4. Access to Premium Training Materials at a Very Low Price – I joined RRW as a free member. However, I decided later on to upgrade my membership to access their premium online marketing training materials.

I spend hundreds of dollars buying premium online training programs. One of the programs I love was from Jimmy Brown. Well, I saw it there. I am telling you, you can access those premium training programs at a very low cost if you upgrade to RRW gold membership.

5. Sales Letter, Graphics and Website Design  – You also get professionally written sales letter that comes with the product. You get awesome graphics. You also get a pre-designed website that you can use for your niche.


1. Duplicate Copies  – Since there are many members inside resell rights weekly, I don’t suggest that you use the PLR materials as is. Change the title. Change the images. Rewrite the contents. Add your story. Make it your own. Treat PLR like a raw ore. You need to pan it out until the gold comes out. In the same way, you need to polish those PLR products to make the gold come out.

2. Overwhelm  – With so many PLR products available, you might find your eyes popping out and your head spinning so fast because you want to read, sell or modify so many things at the same time.

My recommendation: Stick to one niche. Stick to one subject. Stick to one product. Then focus on selling that single product.

3. Nothing happens with no action is done  – No magic pill. No magic button. Even with such great opportunity, you earn nothing when you don’t do anything.

Resell Rights Weekly Support

Resell rights weekly has a members’ forum. You can get lots of valuable inputs from RRW forum. I also love the fact that Mark takes time to answer your email. He also shares a lot of valuable inputs about online marketing. Well, I learned a lot from him.

How much is the price of Resell Rights Weekly

Resell Rights Weekly has two types of membership:

Free membership – When you sign as a free member, you get free instant access to 728+ digital products. You’ll also get two brand new additional products each week ready for download. You also access member’s forum. Your bonus for signing up as free member is 10,740 PLR articles covering hundreds of niches.

Gold Membership –For gold membership, you’ll get instant access to over 7,000 additional PLR and RR products, 120+ new PLR / RR products every month, access to profit maker club with 31 niches every month, new PLR Articles Every Month, Instant Access to over 100,000 PLR Articles.

You also get access to Backlink Builder, Marketing Roadmap, tutorial for newbies, online marketing university (this is where you access premium training from Jimmy Brown and other marketers without additional cost), higher affiliate commission, outsourcing training, free PLR videos and free webhosting.

Resell Rights Weekly Discounts

Do you know that you can upgrade your free membership account to gold membership for $1 for 7 days? Check out the offer here.

Resell Rights Weekly Complaints and Negative Reviews

  • Overwhelming – Too much materials inside. You don’t know where to start. You could feel overwhelmed.
  • Did Not Earn Anything After Joining – I think this review is understandable. Even face with great opportunities there will people who will never earn from it. That’s a fact of life. No action, no income. Give up to soon, no income. Try once and leave, no income.

Resell Rights Weekly Testimonials – What Members Say About RRW


I just wanted to say that your Resell Rights Weekly PLR site is a wonderful resource for anybody looking at starting or adding onto an existing Internet business.

I have tried numerous similar products however your layout
and quality of products is fantastic!

– Quentin Brown

Hi Mark,

I appreciate RRW. I could make my own products but choose not to because I like RRW too well … its the best membersite I have seen. The products are fresh and not old but I think equally important is the back office with excellent video tutorials about every faucet of internet marketing. I like those cash power sites even though I have not used them myself. I can see why I would want to and others do. The forum is more active then I thought it would be gives RRW awesome value.

Equally important is your marketing of RRW itself. I mean you give the membersite for free, upgrade to gold for $1 shows we are not hiding or trying to deceive anyone. The 70% recurring commission a month is awesome. Congratulations on a wonderful site. I look forward to a long business relationship and keep up the good work.

Michael Gentry


I just want to thank you again for the awesome Resell Weekly Site. I am quite impressed with it. I think I’ve learned more since going gold than I did all last year. I’ve been taking PDFs with me on my phone to read while Mom is getting chemo. Your writing, the on-line courses you have, etc… are excellent and I am just so impressed!

I have to tell you, it’s quite refreshing to see you updating the site constantly and your daily participation on the forum. I got a little bit behind schedule with the hurricane, but will be writing you soon to set up the hosting.

Again, I just wanted to thank you personally Mark. Not only have you renewed my faith in “gurus” such as yourself, you’ve helped renew my faith in humanity. I’m so tired of getting scammed by other marketers! You deliver much more than my wildest expectations when I signed up. Thank you!

Lynn Beverly

So What is Resell Rights Weekly? Is Resell Rights Weekly a Scam or What?

Name: Resell Rights Weekly
Sales Page Url: www.resell-rights-weekly.com
Owner: Mark Austin
Score: 92 / 100

Legit Product

Resell Rights Weekly is legitimate PLR membership site. I love the fact that they offer free membership for people who are just starting.

If you can afford the monthly gold membership, I’ll encourage to give it a go, even if all you do is try the $1 trial for 7 days.

I guarantee that you would love resell rights weekly.

Got questions or personal experience with Resell Rights Weekly? Please add them in the comments. I’ll do my best to help. You can also leave me a message at wealthy affiliate. (link to my profile).

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