Want to Know What it REALLY Takes to Sell Online?

sell online

If your answer is YES, I encourage to take to read and understand the whole thing.
Otherwise, if you just skim or scan through it, you might be able to miss some
important things.

I’ll do my best in the next few minutes to help you on how to get started and start earning from selling online.

If you read my story, my early attempts to sell online is a disaster.
I know how it feels to be confused, to have my back on the wall, to feel like you did everything
but it seems going nowhere.

You Need ONLY THREE Things to Start Selling Online

1) Your Own Website

build your own website

No website, no long-term success.

The first sale I made was done on someone else’s free website, Squidoo.com.
But it was taken down by the owner after they made changes in their terms of use.
If you want to make a sustainable long-term success, you need to have your own website.

Don’t be.

I got a good news for you.
You don’t need to learn complicated programming language to do so.

In few minutes, you can have your own website up and running without spending a single dime.


2) Good Product / Service

Good products/services are products/services that sell themselves and therefore they
are easier to sell.

So what is a good product or service?
A good product or service solves a problem of a customer and / or makes them feel good.

For customers who needs to cope with cold weather, sell jacket.
For single men and women who are planning for their wedding, sell wedding rings.
For those who wants to shed some pounds and restore their health, sell health products.
For those who are planning to go on vacation to Paris, sell plane tickets.

Where can you get this good product or service?

You can either come up on your own or promote somebody else’s product or service.
No products of your own, no problem.
You can visit amazon and promote almost anything under the sun.
We are just scratching on the surface.


3) Think Like a Customer to Sell

think like a customer

This item #3 is the last piece of the selling online puzzle that took me some time to understand.
But when you are able to get it, it will open a whole lot of opportunity for you.

Fortunately, understanding your customer online is not really that difficult.

You need to learn how to listen to your customer.
You need to start reading the thoughts of your customers.

Where can you read the thoughts of your customers?
> Forums
> Comments in your blogs

There are other ways of doing it but these two places are the best places to start.

Forums is where you get the most common questions of your customers.
What they want to know? What they are struggling at?
What help they need?
What information they are searching for?
It gives you a picture of their problems that need solutions aka (product).

Comments is where you get the questions of your readers (aka customers).
What part of the article they need more hand-holding?
What article interests them?
What kind of need they help?
That is also a piece of information you can convert to solution (aka product)



Surprise, surprise….
I only said about 3 but this one is too good not to share.

With those 3 things above you can start making a sale.
But when you begin to understand the customer purchase cycle, you begin to understand
even more how to best serve your customers (and in the process make more sales).

Here is a good article about customer purchase cycle.

How to Earn Online while Learning with $0 Capital

Whew! This topic is close to my heart because this basically describes where I started.
I don’t have a choice.

So what would I do differently if I will start over again with my online business?
Or better what is my best advice for someone who wants to start selling online?

Start your online business with a bang by creating your starter free membership account with wealthy affiliate.

I have a first hand experience with wealthy affiliate. You can check my honest review for wealthy affiliate here.

Seriously. Why do I think it is the best thing to do?

Because you get a lot of things (insane) when you join as FREE member.

You get the 3 elements I mentioned above – good products, your own website, think like a customer and even more.

1) Free Websites
* Fully functional WordPress Sites You Can Call Your Own. These are Yours to Keep. No one will ever take them Down.
* You can launch your own sites and start promoting good products and earn from day 1.

2) Good Training
* You will learn how to select a good niche market
* You will learn where to find good products
* You will learn to do keyword research
* You will learn how to think like a customer and how to make a sell
* Training come in different formats: Video Tutorials, Written Lessons, Action Steps, Courses, Classroom types

3) Personal Help & Support
* As you start are starting with online business, your first issue would be self-doubt and discouragement.
* You will also be confused with so many conflicting information. Just go and read the forums so that you will understand what I mean.
* This community will help you clarify things and the success of your batch mates will inspire you.
* You will get access to quality mentors – Kyle and Carson (owners)
* You can ask questions, feedback, inputs, suggestions on any topic about selling online from the community of 10,000’s of users
* You get a live Chat support
* You get to join on different ongoing topical discussions

All this for a big fat $0 without any credit card required.
This is nuts! =)

I’ve been around in the online marketing business for some time and I don’t see any robust training and support like this.

There is a Premium option which only gives you access to MORE TRAINING MODULES.

So Join Wealthy Affiliate Today and Start Your FREE Account.

If you have any questions or clarifications about Getting Started with Selling Online, I would love to help! Drop your questions, comments, suggestions, reactions below. You can also leave me a message at my profile at wealthy affiliate.

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