The Thrive Themes Review – Is it Worth The Money?

The Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes


Overall Rating: 96 / 100
Price: $25/month quarterly or $19/month yearly
Owners: Shane Melaugh
Who is it for: For Website Owners Who Want to Optimize Speed and Conversion

Thrive Themes Introduction

Shane Melaugh is the man behind the thrive themes. He is popular for his hybrid connect plugin. However, Hybrid Connect is no longer in production phrase and has been replaced with Thrive Leads. He is also the man behind the IM Impact.

Shane Melaugh Thrive Themes

Thrive themes offer a complete solution for website owners as it offers a super fast loading collection of wordpress themes and 3 premium wordpress plugins.

Here are the 4 major thrive themes products:

    • Collection of thrive themes premium wordpress themes
    • Thrive leads plugin
    • Content editor plugin
    • Clever Widgets  plugin

Thrive Themes (Premium WordPress Themes)

Thrive Themes - Premium WordPress Themes

The following are the different thrive themes available in their portfolio: Rise, Storied, Pressive, Performag, Voice, Squared, Minus, Ignition, Luxe and Focus blogs. Each of these themes have their own distinct features.

Build for Speed – The common thread among those wordpress thrive themes – they were build for speed. Each theme comes with image compression.  Each theme comes also with lean and lightweight program codes making the Thrive Themes the fastest, most speed-optimized themes available anywhere.

Better Readability – These premium thrive themes uses good combination of readable fonts, colors and spaces to improve the reading experience of the visitors. You will notice that thrive themes have a look and feel that is pleasing to the eyes.

Fast and Easy Page Generator – These premium themes comes professionally designed landing pages templates. To create a landing page, all you need to do is select a template and modify the text and images. It makes designing of landing page fast and easy even if the user has no html and css knowledge.

Thrive Themes Premium Plugins

Thrive Leads 1) Thrive leads plugin – This WordPress plugin helps you build your list faster. You can create beautiful landing pages quickly using the available professional landing pages template.

But the best thing about the thrive lead plugin is that it makes conversion optimization easier. It is so easy to do split testing of different landing pages forms.

You can split test different elements such as headlines, text, images and lead magnet. You can split test the different forms (ex. slide opt-in vs. pop-up vs. header banner).

Split testing is done quickly and conversion is tracked automatically so that you can determine after few days which opt-in has a better conversion.

Optimizing conversion is as easy as 1-2-3. You can literally double or triple your email subscriber in the shortest possible time as you progress with your split test.

2) Content editor plugin

The Content Editor

This WordPress plugin helps you create beautiful wordpress landing pages using drag and drop technology. The best part, your page is mobile-responsive.

Here are some of the things you can do with the content editor plugin of thrive themes.  These are available in the wordpress interface. All you need to do is press the pull down menu with the leaf symbol.

Thrive Themes Highlight >>

Thrive Themes Highlight

Thrive Themes Drop Caps >>

Thrive Theme Drop Caps

Thrive Themes Quotes >>

Thrive Themes Quote

Thrive Themes Large Button >>

Thrive Themes Medium Button >>

Thrive Themes Small Button >>

Thrive Themes Split Button >>

Thrive Themes Mega Button >>

Thrive Themes Countdown >>


Thrive Themes Prices >>

Price of Product


  • Magic Wand

Thrive Themes Animated Number Counter

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Thrive Themes Animated Progress Bar


Thrive Themes Fill Counter


Thrive Themes Horizontal Tab

Enter your content here

Thrive Themes Vertical Tab

Enter your content here

Thrive Themes Toggle

Thrive Themes Toggle

Hi, Toggle your contents here

Thrive Themes Accordion

Accordion Box

3) Clever widgets plugin – WordPress plugin that helps you customize your widgets display at the sidebat and footer to make it more relevant to your blog post content. It is a powerful tool to create super targetted ads that are highly relevant to your specific post, categories, tasks or posts.

Who is Thrive Themes for?

Anybody from beginners to expert level will be able to use the thrive themes. It comes with a very good training and tutorial in the members dashboard to help you use all the available features. Thrive themes premium wordpress theme and plugins remove technical limitation (html, css and php programming) to help you create a fast loading, beautiful and highly converting site.

How Much is the Cost of Thrive Themes

You can buy the 3 plugins and the WordPress theme individually. But I suggest to go for the thrive themes membership. You get the better deal if you join as a monthly members.

Quarterly costs $25/month. Yearly costs $19 / month. Currently, I am a quarterly member but I am planning to upgrade to yearly member soon.

Thrive Themes Discount

Yes, as mentioned thrive themes offer a discount if you avail its yearly membership. Instead of $25 per month, yearly payment will only cost you $19/month.

Thrive Themes – The Good and The Bad


  • Compatibility – when you get a thrive themes theme and plugins you will have no problem of having to deal with plugins not working properly or theme not displaying properly due to conflicts. Since you have one developer, your wordpress theme and plugin integration is seamless.
  • Fewer Plugins – with thrive theme plugins you will not need social plugin, click to tweet, popup plugins, banner plugins, 2 – step opt-in plugin, split test plugin because all these functionalities are included. So what does it mean. Fewer WordPress plugin means faster loading time for your website.
  • True drag and drop technology – this is a true drag and drop technology. Creating a beautiful landing page can be done with just few click of the button. It is so easy.
  • Beautiful and highly converting webpages if there is one thing I love with thrive themes, it helps me create a beautiful website I could never create on my own if I just rely on my html and css programming skills.
  • Split test friendly – if you want to squeeze in more sales from your visitors, it is important for you to optimize your web site to get more sales. No need for php programming. No need to buy very expensive plugins to do split test. Thrive themes help you do split testing in steroid.


  • Price – although thrive themes is a great product, it comes with a price. For those who are starting and those with limited budget, this might be a little challenging. But if you can afford it, by all means go ahead! It is an investment that would pay off itself in the long run.
  • Not a magic button – even if you have a very beautiful webpage, if your contents suck, expect no conversion. Beautiful website does not necessarily mean sales. At the end of the day, a beautiful website with a poor content will not do you any good.

Thrive Themes Support

If you get stuck in using thrive themes or for some reason you are unable to make it work, you can login to thrive themes members site and create a support ticket.

They have team of support team that would look at the problem and resolve it for you. If needed, they will ask for your login and password so that they can go to your site and check it out.

Aside from the support team, they also have a forum and tutorials that you can check to help you use thrive themes.

What People Say About Thrive Themes?

Your stuff is beautifully designed, fast and has great options for marketers that you just don’t see with other themes. Great, great job! Absolutely love Thrive!

David Coleman 

You guys are simply awesome I am loving everything you are doing at the moment. Keep up the great work you really are making such a big difference in this field.

Jule Fuller 

Great stuff! I am really impressed by all the new additions. You guys have shown a true commitment to making these themes and the Content Builder awesome.

Michael Johnson 

The Thrive Themes Review Summary – Is Thrive Themes Scam?

Name: Thrive Themes
Sales Page Url:
Owner: Shane Melaugh
My Overall Ranking: 96/100

Legit Product

Thrive themes is NOT a scam!

Thrive themes is a quality product that comes with quality support. I’ve been using it since 2015 and I am super satisfied with what it can do to my site. I’m so impressed with what it can do that I use Thrive Themes WordPress theme and plugins to power

If you can afford it, I highly recommend to reinvest your business profit and avail the yearly membership of thrive themes. Your world class business should run on a world class theme and plugin so that you don’t need to take care of the techie staffs.

Focus on your business and let thrive themes take care of wordpress theme and plugin needs.

Got questions about thrive themes or got your own experience with thrive themes? Just add them on the comments section. You can also leave me a message at wealthy affiliate. (Link to my profile).

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Mike says March 8, 2016

Great review of the Thrive theme Jeff. I’m planning a new website right now, so your theme reviews are going to be really useful helping me choose.

    Jeff says March 8, 2016

    Thank you Mike. Glad to know you find the review useful.

Meliton says March 6, 2016

Is elegant themes good?

    Jeff says March 6, 2016

    Hi Meliton,

    I’ll create a review for elegant themes soon.

Manny says March 6, 2016

How is thrive themes compared to lead pages?

    Jeff says March 6, 2016

    I’ll create a comparative review between lead pages and thrive themes soon.

Brenda says March 6, 2016

Hi Jeff
Nice review. I am a yearly member of thrive themes. Yes, it cost me some money but it is money well spent. Shane releases new updates almost every other week. I love it!

    Jeff says March 6, 2016

    Hey Brenda,
    Same here.
    I am a quarterly member and I am thinking to upgrade to yearly soon.
    Yes, I love thrive theme, too.
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

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