The Jaaxy Review for 2016 – Is Jaaxy Scam?

The Jaaxy Review for 2016

The Jaaxy Review


Overall Score: 97 / 100
Owner: Kyle and Carson
Price Points: – Free 30 Searches ($0) – Sign-up Here
– Pro Membership ($19 / month) – Sign-up Here
– Enterprise Membership ($49 / month) – Sign-up Here
Who is it for? For all website owner and online marketers who wants to get the advantage of an advance keyword research search tool.

Introduction: What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a simple online keyword research search tool created by Kyle and Carson. Kyle and Carson are also the owners of wealthy affiliates.

Jaaxy is a long tail keyword tool with several functionalities not found on other keyword tools. Currently, I have a Jaaxy Pro membership.

I’ll do my best to give you a thorough walk through inside Jaaxy to help you decide whether Jaaxy is for you or not.

Who is Jaaxy Keyword Tool For?

Jaaxy is for serious for affiliate marketers, web owners and online marketers. If Google traffic or any search engine traffic is part of your business model, mastering keyword research and having a top notch keyword research tool is a must.

How does Jaaxy Work?

To use Jaaxy, you need to login to their website. If you don’t have an account yet, good news!

You can create account today. Sign up here to start your free account.

By the way, a free account gives you 30 free search credits.

Once you are inside Jaaxy, this is what you see in the navigation panel.

Jaaxy Navigation Panel

Jaaxy Features – What it Can Do?

Jaaxy comes with the following features and I’ll go through each one of them.

  • Keyword search
  • Alphabet soup
  • Saved Lists
  • Search History
  • Site Rank
  • Training
  • Brainstorm
  • Affiliate Program

Jaaxy Keyword Search

This is the main core function of Jaaxy. I did a keyword search for “laptop” and below is the snapshot of what I got.

Jaaxy Keyword Search

Average Column – this is the average monthly search for the keyword. The higher the number, the better. I usually go for above 50.

Traffic – this is your expected monthly traffic as you rank #1 in the search results.

QSR –  quoted search result  – This is the number of actual pages that displays the exact keyword. This is your true competition. The lower the number, the better. I usually go for less than 300.

Side note: If QSR is my real competition, I can use Google search and put a quote on my keyword and get it.Right? Well, bad news.

If you try to search for keyword with quote, Google will give you a wrong result.

I searched for quoted term “cheap laptop case” and google tells me that quoted result is 114,000. Whoa! Scary.

Google Search Quoted Result

But when I go to the last page to see my actual competition here is what I got only 52 actual pages. See snapshot below. You don’t need to do all the hassle to go through all the pages to see the real competition. Jaaxy do these things automatically for you.

Actual search competition

KQI – keyword quality index – Quality of keyword at a glance. The colorful graphical circle is a good Jaaxy feature. Green is great. Yellow is ok. Red is forget it. It’s to competitive.

SEO – this is a computed number based on traffic and competition. The higher the number, the better. A score of 100 is great.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

The alphabet soup is also one of the best features I love about Jaaxy.

With alphabet soup, Jaaxy will search for keywords by combining your seed keyword with all letters of the alphabet. If you are running out of ideas on what to write, just enter your seed keyword on alphabet soup search and Jaaxy will automatically search for the following.

Seed Keyword + a or a + Seed Keyword
Seed Keyword + b or b + Seed Keyword
Seed Keyword + c or c + Seed Keyword
All the way to Seed Keyword + z or z + Seed Keyword.

You don’t need to run out of ideas on what to write for. I did an alphabet soup search for laptop. See the snapshot below. Note: This is just for keyword + a. But in the search, I got all letters covered.

Jaaxy alphabet soup

Jaaxy Saved List

You can save the keywords that you like by just checking the box and clicking Save to List. The cool thing about it, you can export it to csv file and saved copy in your computer.

Jaaxy Saved Keyword List

Jaaxy Search History

If for some reason you forgot to save your keyword list, you don’t need to worry. Jaaxy has a search history. It records your keywords, the type of search that you have done and the date and time.

Jaaxy Search History

Jaaxy Site Rank Monitoring

One of the things, I love with Jaaxy is it can help you monitor the rank of your site on a given keyword. I checked the rank of my Getresponse review article for a keyword “the getresponse review”. I am 56 in the search engine after 5 days of publishing. Not bad. 🙂

Jaaxy helps you check your search engine ranking on your desired keyword. You can tweak, modify, promote your site and see if you are doing the right thing.

Jaaxy Monitor Site Rank

Jaaxy Training

Inside the Jaaxy site, they have training videos on how to make the most of this keyword research search tool.

Jaaxy Brainstorm Feature

Don’t have idea on what niche to work on? Jaaxy provides you with Jaaxy brainstorm features. You will have all the ideas you can have that will make you busy for the whole lifetime.

Jaaxy brainstorm features bring in trending topics from Google trends, Yahoo buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, Twitter Trends.

Get what you like. Put it in the keyword alphabet soup. Add it on keyword search. You get great keywords for one good niche site all done in as little as 10 minutes.

Jaaxy Brainstorm Features

Jaaxy – Pros and Cons


1) Speed – I bought Market Samurai before. I also own Micro Niche Finder. I own Long Tail Pro. I am a platinum member of Long Tail Pro. Comparing Jaaxy to the four keyword research tool is like comparing a rabbit to snails.

Jaxxy speed - rabbit vs snail snail

  • Market Samurai hangs up with my computer. It gets annoying Google captcha all the time.
  • Micro Niche Finder doesn’t work anymore.
  • Long Tail Pro is working but it is slow. Google captcha also comes out from time to time.
  • Jaaxy – it is seamless and fast. I can do so many research with this tool.

On a side note if your keyword tool is being installed on your computer, it is not good. Market samurai, micro niche finder and long tail pro are installed in your computer.

Jaaxy is online. So if you want a good keyword tool, find online keyword search tool or best go for Jaaxy.

2) Accessibility – I could access Jaaxy anywhere. I can access it with my smartphone, ipad or laptop anytime and anywhere when the idea strikes.

Access Jaaxy Everywhere

But for market samurai, long tail pro, micro niche or any other desktop application keyword research tool, not at all. There is even a license for how many gadgets I can install it. I need to shell out money if I want it to install on more computers.

3) Accurate Keyword Competition – remember the one we discussed about Google search not giving correct actual competition?

It is easy to do manually since all you need to do is go to Google search last page. But automatically, it takes a very complex algorithm. (Well, I’m an engineer and I do programming, I should know).

I could say Jaaxy did a very good job in finding out actual competition.

There are some free keywords out there such as Google Keyword planner and Ubersuggest but they don’t give you keyword competition.

4) Price – to get all the functionality of Jaaxy, you need a keyword research tool, a site rank monitoring software, niche brainstorm, an alphabet soup software and a competition analysis software.


1. Monthly Payment – It is a monthly payment. Well, I would love to pay Jaaxy once. However, on the second thought, Jaaxy team needs to innovate and improve this tool as search engine makes the changes. Money coming in monthly would give them funding for future development.

2. Not a Guarantee for Income  – Buying Jaaxy will not make you a super affiliate. Sure, you have a great keyword to rank for. But being a super affiliate is more than keywords. You need to put it in the work. (Well, that’s business. Hard work is part of the success equation).

But if you are willing to put in the hard work, a great keyword tool removes the trial and error in the equation. You know what keywords to rank for. You can concentrate on creating great contents that wow your readers and hopefully encourages them to buy your recommendations.

Want Jaaxy for FREE – What is Jaaxy Affiliate Program?

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy offers a good affiliate program. It is a recurring monthly program. You get commission monthly as long as the member stays with it.

Members of Jaaxy (including me) stay with Jaaxy for a lifetime. Whoever is my affiliate, I’m sure he / she is very happy with my purchase. 🙂

This product can sell itself. Here is the good news…

You can start promoting Jaaxy as a free member. Isn’t it great?

If cash is tight, you can promote Jaaxy until you have several affiliate sales, then use it to upgrade to Pro membership.

However, the affiliate details is open only to those with free account. You can’t access it on their website.

So create a free Jaaxy account today and become a Jaaxy affiliate.

Jaaxy Support

You can send your questions and concerns to Jaaxy team via their contact form. But if in case, you have questions or clarifications about Jaxxy, I’ll do my best to help you.

Just add them on the comment section.

How much is the price of Jaaxy

Jaaxy has three types of membership:

I am a Pro member.

Free membership – When you sign up as a free member, you get to test drive Jaaxy with free 30 searches. You get 5 results on alphabet soup per letter. You get access to Jaaxy training. You can do site rank analysis and website analysis. You have access to keyword manager and saved your keywords. You can also access brainstorm idea. You can also join Jaaxy affiliate program.

Pro Membership – Pro membership gives you unlimited keyword search, instant QSR keyword competition, 15 results per letter on alphabet soup, manual domain availability, SEO column analysis (1 to 100 rating), site rank analysis, search history, website analyzer and brainstorm idea. You can also join Jaaxy affiliate program. Jaaxy speed is 2x the free membership as Jaaxy team adds more servers. This membership is ideal for those with new websites.

Enterprise Membership – Jaaxy enterprise membership gives you unlimited keyword search, instant QSR keyword competition, 50 results per letter on alphabet soup, instant domain availability, SEO column analysis (1 to 100 rating), site rank analysis, search history, website analyzer and brainstorm idea. You can also join Jaaxy affiliate program. Jaaxy speed is 5x the free membership as Jaaxy team adds more servers. This membership is ideal for heavy users and power users.

Before you buy Jaaxy, try Jaaxy Free Account First

Although I love Jaaxy, I still encourage you to try the FREE account first. That way, you can see if it is really what you need or not.

Start your Free Account Here.

Jaaxy Discounts

Do you know that you can avail discount when you go for yearly payment? For pro membership, you pay $19 per month. You pay only $199 per year.

Jaaxy Testimonials – What Members Say about Jaaxy

I’ll do something different today for the Jaaxy review. Instead of giving you a copy of what Jaaxy members say about Jaaxy, i’ll give you a live link where people post their experience about Jaxxy.

Read REAL and LIVE TESTIMONIALS from Jaaxy User Here.

The Jaaxy Review Summary – Is Jaaxy Scam?

Name: Jaaxy
Sales Page Url:
Owner: Kyle and Carson
Score: 97 / 100

Legit Product

Jaaxy is NOT scam. Jaaxy is a top notch high quality keyword search tool. I also love the idea that they offer free membership for people to test drive Jaaxy.

If you are serious with your online business, this is a must – have keyword tool that can pay off itself in the long term. I guarantee you that you would love Jaaxy keyword tool as much as I do.

Got questions or personal experience with Jaaxy? Please add them in the comments. I’ll do my best to help. You can also leave me a message at my profile at wealthy affiliate.

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Tina says March 27, 2016

This is a very detailed review of Jaaxy. I use Jaaxy too and agree that it is worth every cent!

    Jeff says March 28, 2016

    Hi Tina,
    Same here.
    I love Jaaxy too.

Nancy Spencer says March 10, 2016

Wow. What an in depth Jaaxy Review! I’m glad you can explain the techie stuff to those of us who aren’t. I have a free account, but never really understood it. Thanks!

    Jeff says March 11, 2016

    Hi Nancy,
    Glad you find my Jaaxy review useful.
    Have a nice day!

Gee says March 10, 2016

Wow! Awesome review, I saved this page to my desktop for future references. I have been a pro member for a couple months, but never really dug into everything Jaaxy can do. With your help I think I may play with the program again and see if I can make it work right for me. Thanks so much for this great instruction booklet.

To Your 2016 Success!

    Jeff says March 10, 2016

    Hi Gee,
    I was laughing out loud after you call my Jaaxy review a booklet.
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    If you have any questions, just let me know how I can help.

Jesse says March 9, 2016

Jaaxy…such as weird name. 🙂
But I like it and I am a Pro member, too.
Nice review Jeff!
Love it! Very detailed.

    Jeff says March 9, 2016

    Hey Jesse,
    Thanks a lot!

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