Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro Review – Which One is Best For You?

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro Overview

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro Review

I have a Jaaxy Pro Membership. I’m also a Platinum member of Long Tail Pro. I wrote this Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro review to help you decide which one is best for you.

I have been using both long tail keyword tools for my marketing and SEO campaigns.

These two KW tools are considered as top-rated long tail keyword tools available in the market. Both Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy have their advantages and disadvantages.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool Overview

Score: 95 / 100
Website: www.LongTailPro.com
Owner: Spencer Haws. He also own nichepursuits and Voxy.
Price: Monthly = $37/month, Yearly = $352 / month

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Overview

Score: 97 / 100
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Owner: Kyle and Carson. They also own WealthyAffiliate.com and StreetArticles.com
Price: $19/month

Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy – Ease of Installation and Accessibility

Software Installation - Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro runs as a desktop application using adobe air. To install Long Tail Pro, you need to install it in your desktop and enter the Long Tail Pro license key. When you buy Long Tail Pro, you get 3 license keys that lets you install LTP in 3 gadgets.

Jaaxy is a website based keyword tool. To buy Jaaxy account, you need first to create a free – trial Jaaxy account. You can create your free account here.

Once you get your username and password, you can access Jaaxy web-based long tail keyword and try it for free for your first 30 searches. You will then have the option to upgrade your Jaaxy account by signing up for Jaaxy Pro for $19/month.

While Long tail pro limits you only to 3 devices, you can access Jaaxy anywhere using whatever gadget you have as long as you have an internet connection.

For Ease of Installation and Accessibility: I give it to Jaxxy.

Number of Keyword Results

Number of Long tail Keywords

Although Jaaxy has better accessibility, I could not let go of my long tail pro software at all. One of the main reasons for this is that I get more keyword results from Long Tail Pro than Jaaxy.

For the purpose of illustration, I tried to do a head on testing using my two keyword tools.

I tried searching for “laptop”.

Jaaxy Pro gives me about 25 results.

On the other hand, Long Tail Pro uses your own google adwords account to harvest long tail keywords for you. Long tail pro gives me 100+ long tail keywords.

With KW results: Long Tail Pro wins!

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro – Which one is faster?

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Keyword Speed

In business, speed equals money. I don’t know about you but I am a bunch of impatient online marketer. I don’t want to waste my time waiting for the results coming from my keyword tool. That’s the reason why I dump marketing samurai. It is so slow and hangs up without any reason.

In my KW search above, it took me about 20 seconds to do with Jaaxy. It took me 3 minutes with Long Tail Pro.

My first hand experience tells me that when it comes to speed, I give it to Jaaxy.

Keyword Competition: How Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro Measures Keyword Competition?

Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro have different approach for measuring competition. Jaaxy uses QSR (quoted search result) and getting the actual number of pages competing for quoted keyword.

Some notes on the quoted results, did you know that Google is giving an inaccurate quoted result. I wrote a detailed explanation here.

Long Tail Pro is using MOZ parameters to check keyword competition. It checks the top 10 domains appearing on the KW search result and gets their backlink profile, domain authority and age of domain. It also gives KC (keyword competition) value for every keyword result you get.

Below is a very good video tutorial on how to use Long Tail Pro to analyze keyword competition.

To summarize, Jaaxy gives you the actual number of competitors while Long Tail Pro gives you the quality of competition.

Both quantity and quality of competition are important for me.

So for measuring keyword competition: It’s a tie for Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro.

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro Support

Keyword Tool Customer Support - Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro

Jaaxy support is done via email. I got feedback from Jaaxy users that Jaaxy support is almost non-existent.

I am a wealthy affiliate member and anytime I need help on Jaaxy, I can send private message to Kyle or Carson, the co-owners of Jaaxy. However, to join wealthy affiliate just to get support on Jaxxy does not make sense at all.

On the other, long tail pro support is awesome.
You can send LTP support ticket and expect response within 24 hours.

For KW tool support: Long Tail Pro Wins!

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro Price

Long tail pro platinum membership is $352.00/year or $37/month.
Jaaxy pro member is $19/month.

For Price: I’ll give it to Jaaxy.

Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy Review Summary

Both long tail pro and Jaaxy have their own pros and cons. If you can afford both, go for both. But if your budget is limited and you only need to select one, here is my recommendation.

If you want speed, simplicity of use, better price and does not care for support, Jaaxy is the best tool to go.

If you value customer support, want sophisticated KW competition analysis and love to harvest as much keyword as possible, Long tail pro is the best KW tool to go.

Want to try out first Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy before buying?

Free Trial Account – First 30 searches – Jaaxy

10 day Trial – Long Tail Pro

Want to find out more about Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

I created a comprehensive and honest-to-goodness Jaaxy review here.


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Audra Foster says March 28, 2016

Great post, Jeff! I think my biggest hurdle is those darned key words. I have used Jaaxy before but did not stick with it (another issue I have). I am glad to final know the full benefits of using the program and plan to look into it further.

    Jeff says March 28, 2016

    Hi Audra,
    Once you get to master the keywords, you get to win 50% of the battle. Watch the video above. Hope it helps you on your keyword research. Thanks for your feedback.

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