How to Transfer Website from Hostgator to Wealthy Affiliate Webhost

If there is one regret I have, I wished I have joined wealthy affiliate community earlier.
But I believe things happen for a reason.
So it is time for me to move on….

One of the first thing I did after joining WA is to transfer my websites from Hostgator to WA webhost.

Why Did I Transfer My Websites to WA Webhosting?

1) To Save Webhosting Cost

Save webhosting cost

I see myself staying in wealthy affiliate as long as it exists. I am paying for both WA membership and hostgator webhost account.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for me to move my websites to WA webhost to cut on webhosting cost. So I decided to move my site from hostgator to WA.

2) To Centralize

centralize websites

I visit wealthy affiliate everyday. I go there to attend classroom discussions. I go there to help out new members with questions. So why not have my website hosted in WA?
That would help me save time since I could also check it every time I visit WA.

3) For Better Customer Service

customer service

One of the thing that I love about WA is the customer support.
In the beginning I am clueless on how to transfer my websites to WA.

So I send a customer support asking for help.
See the email exchanges below.

My Email Exchanges with Wealthy Affiliate Customer Support


Email one

Email two

Total time of transfer of my websites from hostgator to wealthy affiliate? 2 days!

How to Transfer Website from Hostgator to Wealthy Affiliate Webhost?


Step 1: Inform the customer support

Login to your wealthy affiliate account. Then click Site Rubix. Then click Site Support

Transfer Website Step1

Step 2: Get your hostgator FTP credentials

  • Go to your hostgator cpanel and click FTP accounts
  • Then click FTP configuration. Please note that I covered my own login username and passwords.
  • You need to email this information to customer support team.

FTP account

Config FTP client expanded

Step 3: Wait for the customer support to create a temporary copy of your website


Step 4: Check the website if it is working properly

Once the customer support has copied your site into their webhosting temporary account, you will be notified. You can check if your website is functioning correctly. You can check your login and password. You can check your  links.


Step 5: Transfer the Domain DNS Server to point to WA DNS.

Wealthy Affiliate Nameservers are:


I am using namecheap.

So to change the DNS of my domain, I login to my namecheap account. Then click manage on the specific domain. Go to DNS and update the name server.

DNS namecheap

As what I have said, the whole process took about 2 days since I sent an email to the customer support. And the best thing, the customer support team did almost all of the heavy lifting.

I also got a happy surprise. My website loading time has significantly increased after I moved it to WA webhosting service.

Got any questions, questions, comments, suggestions or reactions about transferring website? Drop them on the comments below or leave me a message at wealthy affiliate.

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