What is the Best Free Keyword Search Tool?

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What are the 3 important metrics for a quality keyword:

What makes a great keyword?

You know how important it is to have great keywords – those with high traffic and very low competition. Here are the 3 criteria for great keywords.

(1) QSR (Quoted Search Results)  

A highly searched word has no use when you can’t rank high for it. Therefore, the first criteria should be competition. You need to go for keywords with reasonable competition.

Quoted search result is the ULTIMATE competition metric. Simple yet elegant.

How do you know that a certain website is REALLY ranking for a keyword? If the keyword is written in exact similar sequence. In other words, the keywords are in quoted form. This can give you a quick idea on how easy or difficult it is to rank for a keyword.

Anything less than 300 is a good keyword. Anything less than 100 is perfect! Above 300, forget it.


(2) Monthly Searches

This tells you how many people are searching for the keyword each month. Yes, it is good to go for low competition keywords but if no one is searching it, what’s the use?

Anything with monthly searches of 50 and above is great!


(3) It Should Make Sense

Well, you can have a low competition and high traffic keyword but if it doesn’t make sense -forget it. Your contents need to make sense. Remember, you are writing for people and not for search engine. You are not keyword stuffing.

Ex. search engine 2016, scam online with, for about me

How can you use it in a sentence?

So that’s it. Remember those 3 things always – QSR, monthly search and keyword that makes sense.

A good keyword tool (free or paid) should be able to give you those metrics in few clicks.

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