Building Website with WordPress in 5 Easy Steps

Here are the 5 steps to start building your own site.

Step 1: Find a Good WordPress Webhosting Service

Not all wordpress webhosting service are equal. The good ones make your own website load faster. You need to understand that a slow website can make you lose customers in the process.

Another thing to check with your webhosting service, is their backup policy. A good webhost service offers daily redundancy backup of your site. That means you have 2 copies of your site at any point of the day. For whatever reason, that your site gets hacked or deleted, they can put it up in as fast as few minutes.

It is also important to check if your webhost protects you from hackers and malwares. Your website is  your asset. Protect it the way you protect your cash.

I found a webhost who does all those things and even more. And it is affordable.

Step 2: Find a Good Website Builder

You don’t need to pay for a good website builder. You can look for free website builder online. I use site rubix.You can use it even if you have never built a website before. What is cool about site rubix is it has a collection of 4,200+ of website templates that you can use. And it is FREE.

 Use site rubix today to build your site.

Step 3: Invest in a Good Domain Name

Why do you need a domain?

Which one looks better and looks more professional?


I’ll go for the second one. You need to buy your own domain. This $10 is the best investment you could ever make. Your domain name is your own business brand.

There are many domain registrars online. But I hate it because I get 1 upsell after another.

Here is a good domain registrar.

Step 4: Start Building Website with WordPress

Few years ago, building a website takes a lot of programming skills and efforts. You need to learn php, html and css. Thanks to wordpress. Building a wordpress site is quick and easy. In fact, you can do it with just drag and drop. You can do it with few clicks.

You can check my tutorial how to build a website in less than 30 seconds.

Step 5: Add quality contents

A beautiful website is your first step to selling online. But it is not enough. You need to fill your website with good and engaging contents.

So how do you do that?

Research for good keywords that are easy to rank.

Keywords are what people type on Google search. Great keywords are those that have high traffic (many people are typing it) and low competition (only few webpages are talking about it). This is the tool I use to do my keyword research quickly.

Now that you have the keywords, it is time for you to write your contents.

Not sure how to do it? When I am stuck and I got my writer’s block, I go to this site to get free articles and e-books. I love it.

So that’s it.

With five steps, you can build your own website and start your own online business.

If you have questions, suggestions, comments, just add them below in the comment section. I’ll do my best to help.

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