3 Essential Website Pages You Need to Have on Your Site

You’re website is up and running.

You have installed your WordPress site already.
It’s time to fill it in.

What are the 3 Essential Website Pages that you need to have on your site

1) About Me

People need to see that you are not a robot or something similar.
They need to see that you are a real person.
People need to know who they are talking to.

Our mothers told us from our young age.
Don’t talk to strangers.
And we bring that with us growing up.

Instinctively, we listen to people we trust.
We buy from people we trust.

The first step to developing trust is to know.

In about page you can share about you, your story and how did you end up writing your website.

Your about page is your opportunity to be real, to connect, to build relationship and trust with your website visitor.

Your about page is where you also share what you can offer for your reader, what experience you have and how you can be able to help her (or him).

Picture helps!
And definitely, story helps too.

2) Getting Started

Start Here

People searched for your website because they needed a piece of information to solve their problems.
They are looking for solution.
And they are hoping that you are the “ONE” who can help them.

Getting started is the page where you guide them to achieve the result.

Let us talk about you… 🙂

Why did you end up in sellonlinewithstyle.com?

Ultimately, majority of my visitors want one thing – they want to know how to sell online.

So in my getting started, I share with them a piece of information that would REALLY help them sell online.
In my experience, this is the one thing they need to do to learn how to sell online!

3) Privacy Policy / Disclaimer


If you are doing Google adsense, Google requires it.
If you are promoting affiliate products, FTC requires it.

Your readers also need to know what you will do with their email.
Your subscribers need to be informed.

You need to have this page to protect you for legal purposes.
Someone can sue you online because of what you write.

So they need to know, that your website is for educational purpose only.
And ultimately, they (your readers) is responsible when making decisions.

You need to cover you a**.
Otherwise, you will be dragged in the court.

If you have not created these 3 things.
Time to do your own.

Got questions, clarifications, suggestions or comments? Drop them below or leave me a message at wealthy affiliate.

About the Author Jeff

Hi there! I hope you found what you were looking for within this page. I'm Jeff and I own Sell Online With Style. I first started my online business 2009. I was making money online by promoting health products and stock market newsletter. I spend most of my time now teaching others to sell online. What's the FIRST STEP to succeed online? Visit my #1 Recommended training course and create your FREE account today!.

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Bobby says February 22, 2016

Hi Jeff,
I have a website selling amazon products. I don’t plan to build email list. Do I really need to create an about page? I also want to protect my privacy do I need to put my picture on it?

    Jeff says February 23, 2016

    Hi Bobby,

    At the end of the day, you call the shot since it is your website.
    About page tells your readers about you hoping to build trust and relationship.
    Of course, there are some websites that earn money without about page.
    Hope this helps.

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